IACCM Americas 2008

April 10, 2008

Another outstanding IACCM Americas conference concluded yesterday in Fort McDowell, Arizona. A record 400+ attendees heard more than 30 presenters on the theme of “Collaborate to Innovate.” This was my second IACCM Americas, and once again IACCM delivered a number of informative and thought-provoking programs.

If I were to summarize the themes of the conference in one sentence, it would be:

Companies are entering into sub-optimal relationships, stifling innovation, and leaving a lot of potential money on the table by spending too many of their contracting resources trying to shift risk to the other side, while focusing too few resources on how the parties could work together more effectively to create additional value from the relationship.

IACCM is unique in bringing together both buy-side (procurement) and sell-side contracting professionals, and IACCM Americas and IACCM EMEA may be one of the few times that happens outside of the contract negotiation context. In fact, judging from the comments of several people at the conference, it seems that even within many companies the buy-side and sell-side contracting people rarely talk with each other.

With contracting relationships seemingly becoming more confrontational all the time, it’s refreshing to see an organization addressing this issue and trying to make a difference.