About David Munn

David Munn is an attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has practiced as an in-house attorney for most of his career. He has a longstanding interest in using technology to improve the practice of law, particularly as it applies to in-house lawyers and contracts, and he writes and speaks on legal technology for corporate counsel, law department efficiency and process improvement, and other issues of interest to in-house counsel.

In 2008, he joined Pramata Corporation. serving as its first general counsel. Pramata provides SaaS solutions that target and eliminate revenue leakage at key points in the customer lifecycle. Using a human-assisted AI technology stack delivered through a managed service, our solutions convert contracts and other commercial documentation into up-to-date records of your relationships and deploy it through cloud-based software applications.

For the past nearly seven years he was with Fair Isaac Corporation, where his practice focused on software licensing and services contracting, as well as intellectual property, Internet, privacy, and advertising law. He also headed up or was instrumental in several process reengineering initiatives and technology implementations for the nearly 40-person legal department at Fair Isaac. Prior to Fair Isaac he spent nine years as general counsel of Pella Corporation.


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